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18.5.2015 12:03
Pictures from NO therapy of diabetic foot by PLASON device

The PDF with the short report with pictures from the therapy of a diabetic foot can be viewed or downloaded here

The pictures from the treatment of unhealing wounds an be found here:

The pictures from the treatment of unhealing wounds an be found here:

12.5.2011 12:23
We have exhibited our devices on the prestigious MEDTEC UK exhibition in Birmingham

ONKOCET Ltd. has exhibited the devices from its portfolio on the MEDTEC UK exhibition in Birmingham, April 2011 through our partner Medical & Partners.

MEDTEC UK exhibition medical device

12.4.2011 12:27
Certification of SVIT infrared camera completed

The ONKOCET company has successfully reached the certification of yet another medical device, Infrared Camera SVIT. The Certificate can be found here. The videos from the device operation can be found here.
4.3.2011 11:38
Certification of Concor Soft Contact Lenses successfully finished.  

We are pleased to inform our business partners, that our company has succesfully finished the certification process of Concor Soft Contact Lenses.

You can find the certificate here.

More information on Concor Soft Contact Lenses go to section Medical preparations/Concor soft contact lenses, or follow this link.
16.6.2010 11:51
Certification of MAS-1K Spirometer successfully finished.

Our company has finished the certification process for another medical device, computerized spirometer MAS-1K with oximeter. You can find the device certificate here.
2.6.2010 10:58
New version of AMP device available   

Since May 2010 there is a new version of AMP device available.

Follow this link if you want to see the pictures and specifications of the device.

11.5.2010 15:17
Treatment of burns with PLASON We added photographs of treatment of burns with PLASON device: 
17.3.2010 12:08
Certification of PLASON device finished, CE issued.

Dear partners,

In October 2009 we have received CE certificate for another device from our portfolio, NO therapeutical device PLASON. You can find more information about this revolutionary device, used for healing of unhealing wounds, diabetic foot, or for cosmetical purposes, at our webpage, section "Medical devices" -> PLASON-NO Therapy.

Best regards

Team of ONKOCET Ltd. company

23.1.2009 15:30

Quantum therapy


This new branch of medicine called Quantum therapy began its rapid development in the 90s. At present it can be defined as the body of knowledge, means and methods based on the use of electromagnetic radiations, quantum processes and wave informational properties of the living organism. The impact of quantum therapy occurs on the cellular and molecular level and then is transferred to the whole organism through a chain reaction. The broad therapeutic action of quantum medicine devices is explained by a particular compatibility and the ability of electromagnetic information to interact with proteometabolic processes.

The term "quantum therapy" emphasizes the priority of the quantum influence, that is, of inconceivably small and safe doses of the electromagnetic radiation, in providing a stable health condition for a living organism.

The further stage of this research included developments in healing different types of illnesses and possibilities of applying several different types of radiation simultaneously. The research showed that a simultaneous application of laser pulsing radiation, pulsing infrared LED radiation, pulsating red light of the visible band and permanent magnetic field amplified the curing effect in comparison to their separate use.

Based on many years of research, the following effective types of electromagnetic radiation were chosen for treatment with RIKTA medical devices:

*  low intensive pulsing coherent laser radiation with the wavelength of 890 nanometres;

*  the pulsing broad band infrared radiation in the range of 890 - 960 nanometres;

*  the pulsing red light of the visible range 640 - 740 nanometers;

*  the fixed magnetic field with the intensity 35 millitesla [mT].

The pulsing coherent laser radiation penetrates deep (12 - 13 cm) into the tissue and has a powerful stimulating impact on the blood circulation, membrane and intracellular metabolism, activates neurohumoral factors, immunocompetent systems and regulates the endocrine system. In the applicable range (mentioned above) biological tissues are the most transparent optically. Under the influence of the low intensive radiation, cellular membrane and intracellular formation changes occur, resulting in an increase in the activation of substance transfer through the membrane and a amplification of the basic bio-energetic conditions. The radiation also initiates a cascade of nonspecific regulatory responses, which have apparent regenerative, trophic, anaesthetic and antiphlogistic effects.

The pulsing incoherent infrared radiation having a smaller penetrating ability and wider spectral band in comparison with the laser one influences different reflexogenic zones and has a powerful harmonious influence upon the tone of the central and vegetative nervous systems.

The pulsing red light penetrating into a rather more shallow depth than the infrared radiation provides the beneficial effect of decreasing the intensity of inflammatory processes especially for porous tissues, for example in joint regions.

The fixed magnetic field is designed to create an energetic barrier to the harmful influence of the environment including the weather factors. The magnetic field also keeps ionized tissue molecules in a dissociated state, which raises energy on the molecular and cellular level. Acting as one of the healing factors of the quantum emission, the magnetic field contributes to the increase of the penetrability of the laser radiation. This allows a decrease of the radiation dose which would be required if the laser monotherapy was used on its own to achieve the same effect.

All the factors mentioned above applied simultaneously (synergistically) and mutually amplifying each other cause the unique effect of the quantum medicine.

The result of this synergistic effect as outlined and used by quantum therapy means that one can treat a wide range of different problems by stimulating the regulatory units of the organism.

The energy of quanta in the operating range of the devices is of excellent quality and of the highest standards and does not disturb the natural intermolecular bonds. In this way complications and side effects are avoided.

The advantages of the quantum therapy:

* an increasing efficacy of medicines.

* a reduction in the dose of medicine required or even a refusal to take the medication.

* shortening of the rehabilitation period by 2/3;

* cutting down of the treatment periods of a wide range of diseases;

* a powerful prophylactic treatment;

* the absence of the side effects, noninvasiveness and ecological safe;

* a device that is very easy to use;

* a very versatile device which can be used in many different situations and is extremely safe for domestic use.

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