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18.5.2015 12:03
Pictures from NO therapy of diabetic foot by PLASON device

The PDF with the short report with pictures from the therapy of a diabetic foot can be viewed or downloaded here

The pictures from the treatment of unhealing wounds an be found here:

The pictures from the treatment of unhealing wounds an be found here:

12.5.2011 12:23
We have exhibited our devices on the prestigious MEDTEC UK exhibition in Birmingham

ONKOCET Ltd. has exhibited the devices from its portfolio on the MEDTEC UK exhibition in Birmingham, April 2011 through our partner Medical & Partners.

MEDTEC UK exhibition medical device

12.4.2011 12:27
Certification of SVIT infrared camera completed

The ONKOCET company has successfully reached the certification of yet another medical device, Infrared Camera SVIT. The Certificate can be found here. The videos from the device operation can be found here.
4.3.2011 11:38
Certification of Concor Soft Contact Lenses successfully finished.  

We are pleased to inform our business partners, that our company has succesfully finished the certification process of Concor Soft Contact Lenses.

You can find the certificate here.

More information on Concor Soft Contact Lenses go to section Medical preparations/Concor soft contact lenses, or follow this link.
16.6.2010 11:51
Certification of MAS-1K Spirometer successfully finished.

Our company has finished the certification process for another medical device, computerized spirometer MAS-1K with oximeter. You can find the device certificate here.
2.6.2010 10:58
New version of AMP device available   

Since May 2010 there is a new version of AMP device available.

Follow this link if you want to see the pictures and specifications of the device.

11.5.2010 15:17
Treatment of burns with PLASON We added photographs of treatment of burns with PLASON device: 
17.3.2010 12:08
Certification of PLASON device finished, CE issued.

Dear partners,

In October 2009 we have received CE certificate for another device from our portfolio, NO therapeutical device PLASON. You can find more information about this revolutionary device, used for healing of unhealing wounds, diabetic foot, or for cosmetical purposes, at our webpage, section "Medical devices" -> PLASON-NO Therapy.

Best regards

Team of ONKOCET Ltd. company

23.1.2009 15:30

Usage of ANESA analyzer

ANESA analyzer and program USPIH allows:

To estimate the state of organism from the position of its functional, hemodynamic equilibration, water metabolism and gas homeostasis, that are connect with fermentative and immunological correction;

To define a predisposition to diseases of central nervous system, cardiovascular system, internal, locomotor apparatus, circulation of the blood, metabolism and other pathology.

For the central nervous system complex determines:

- blood supply of cerebrum - sufficient or insufficient; 
- state of cerebrum arteries - spasm or dilatation; 
- state of cerebrum venules- spasm or dilatation; 
- signs of venous outflow violation of cerebrum; 
- state of third ventricle of the brain (size); 
- size of cerebroventricular indices; 
- pressure of spinal liquid; 
- on the base of K, Na, Ca, Mg content  estimation in the blood - determines neuromuscular conduction, susceptibility to muscular weakness, cramps.

For cardiovascular system complex diagnoses:

- coronarocardiosclerosis;
- violation of blood circulation of myocardium; 
- lowering of the cardiac ejaculation size; 
- rising of the cardiac ejaculation size; 
- arrhythmia, temporary parameters of cardiac cycle; 
- type of circulation of the blood: hyperkinetic, normorkinetic, hypokinetic. 

For the lungs complex defines:

- dynamic vital capaciousness of the lungs; 
- residual capaciousness of the lungs;
- chronic bronchitis, chronic tracheobronchitis with the asthmatic component;
- chronic, inflammatory pneumonia;
- elasticity of the lungs;
- pulmonary stream of the blood.

For the liver complex determines:

- hepatic stream of the blood;
- hepatites;
- cirrhosis.

For the kidneys complex allows to diagnose:

- violation of filtration;
- violation of resorption;
- chronic nephritis;
- gloumeronephritis; 
- pilonephritis.

Predicating upon indices of water metabolism complex defines:

- type of disorder of aqueous-electrolyte metabolism- prerequisite of osteochondrosis; 
- mixed forms of dyskinesia; 
- post-cellular hypohydradacia;
- cellular hyperhydradacia;
- cellular hypohydradacia.

When determining the activity of ferments and analyzing dynamic, hemodynamic equilibration, aqueous-electrolytic metabolism and gas homeostasis, complex allows:

To estimate the compensatory abilities of organism.

To determine the presence or absence of tendency to the development of chronic diseases of one's organism organs and systems.

To choose the coincident type of physiotherapy or information methods of treatment. to prescribe an adequate therapy, acupuncture or other treatment, taking into account etiology and pathogenesis of sickness.

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