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18.5.2015 12:03
Pictures from NO therapy of diabetic foot by PLASON device

The PDF with the short report with pictures from the therapy of a diabetic foot can be viewed or downloaded here

The pictures from the treatment of unhealing wounds an be found here:

The pictures from the treatment of unhealing wounds an be found here:

12.5.2011 12:23
We have exhibited our devices on the prestigious MEDTEC UK exhibition in Birmingham

ONKOCET Ltd. has exhibited the devices from its portfolio on the MEDTEC UK exhibition in Birmingham, April 2011 through our partner Medical & Partners.

MEDTEC UK exhibition medical device

12.4.2011 12:27
Certification of SVIT infrared camera completed

The ONKOCET company has successfully reached the certification of yet another medical device, Infrared Camera SVIT. The Certificate can be found here. The videos from the device operation can be found here.
4.3.2011 11:38
Certification of Concor Soft Contact Lenses successfully finished.  

We are pleased to inform our business partners, that our company has succesfully finished the certification process of Concor Soft Contact Lenses.

You can find the certificate here.

More information on Concor Soft Contact Lenses go to section Medical preparations/Concor soft contact lenses, or follow this link.
16.6.2010 11:51
Certification of MAS-1K Spirometer successfully finished.

Our company has finished the certification process for another medical device, computerized spirometer MAS-1K with oximeter. You can find the device certificate here.
2.6.2010 10:58
New version of AMP device available   

Since May 2010 there is a new version of AMP device available.

Follow this link if you want to see the pictures and specifications of the device.

11.5.2010 15:17
Treatment of burns with PLASON We added photographs of treatment of burns with PLASON device: 
17.3.2010 12:08
Certification of PLASON device finished, CE issued.

Dear partners,

In October 2009 we have received CE certificate for another device from our portfolio, NO therapeutical device PLASON. You can find more information about this revolutionary device, used for healing of unhealing wounds, diabetic foot, or for cosmetical purposes, at our webpage, section "Medical devices" -> PLASON-NO Therapy.

Best regards

Team of ONKOCET Ltd. company

23.1.2009 15:30




The Transair device type are medical devices of new generation. They are designated for the treatment of diseases by the way of activation of the own brain defense mechanisms. The electrostimulation is non-invasively performed through electrodes placed on the skin of a forehead and mastoids. Operating conditions of the apparatus provide the selective influence of the special mode of the weak current on the brain opioid structures. As a result, the levels of endorphins increase in 5-10 min from the beginning of the stimulation. Endorphins are important internal matters, which regulate homeostasis and elicit of analgesia, accelerate tissue repair, stimulate immunity etc. This fact causes a complex display of curative effects.



The effects of a new non-invasive method of transcranial electrostimulation (TES):

1) TES activated some specific and nonspecific mechanisms of resistivity and immunity. According these effects TES inhibited implanted tumor growth and it is a basis of TES usage for non-pharmaceutical analgesia in onco-logical patients with metastasis.

2) TES accelerated repair of damaged tissues and used for treatment wounds and thermal burns, ulcers, myocardial infarction, sensorineural deafness, toxic hepatosis.

3) Bloodpressure normalization based on experimentally revealed of TES endorphinergic effect on medulla vasomotor center used treatment of hypertension and vasomotor dystonia especially during preclimax. 

4) Analgesic effects broadly studied in screening experiments (see above) were practically used for relief of neurological and other types of pain syndromes and were more pronounced in cases of heavy pain (trigeminal neuralgia, postoperative pain). To exclude the morphine-like analgesic consumption TES was included as analgesic component of anesthesia during surgery. 

5) TES of the brain endorphinergic structures reduced of abstinence, craving and other affective disorders connected with alcohol and opioid drug abuse.

6) Psycho-physiological effects only was estimated in healthy volunteers (several tests, questionnaires and computerized hart rate variability) manifested in reduction of fatigue, affectivity and stress events, increase of mood and adaptability. In general in different groups of patients treated by TES the increase of the "quality of life" and reduction of depression were observed. Preliminary studies demonstrated the obvious positive TES effects in treatment of the "chronic fatigue" syndrome in adults and pathological hyperactivity in children. 

TES devices were developed according "quasiresonance" peculiari-ties of the brain antinociceptive system. It means that it is not necessary to adjust the frequency and impulse width for concrete case. Nevertheless the frequency and impulse width stochastically change of its values inside the limits of quasiresonance curves (± 2 Hz and ± 0.25 msec respectively). To reduce the local unpleasant filling under electrodes the non-symmetrical bipolar impulses with zero net charge are use. 
Several models of devices with generic name as TRANSAIR (abbreviations of Transcranial Stimulator for Analgesia, Immunity, Repair) for therapeutics and anesthesiological applications were developed and are manufactured by TES Center of the Pavlov Institute of Physiology.






Fig. 1. Output current impulses (A) of TES devices (B).

A. Shape of impulses and limits of frequency modulation.

B. Different TRANSAIR models.

1- Headset of electrodes.

2- TRANSAIR - 02, the simpliest for outdoor usage, monopolar output impulse, rechargeable battery.

3- TRANSAIR - 01, for practitioners, mono- and bipolar out put impulses, LCD, timer, frequency control, alarm and protection systems, plug in.

4- TRANSAIR - 04, for hospitals and outpatients clinics, mono- and bipolar output impulses with or without frequency modulation, LD indicators, timer, aic control, alarm and protection systems, verbal dialogue with user in process of adjustment of parameters, plug in.


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