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18.5.2015 12:03
Pictures from NO therapy of diabetic foot by PLASON device

The PDF with the short report with pictures from the therapy of a diabetic foot can be viewed or downloaded here

The pictures from the treatment of unhealing wounds an be found here:

The pictures from the treatment of unhealing wounds an be found here:

12.5.2011 12:23
We have exhibited our devices on the prestigious MEDTEC UK exhibition in Birmingham

ONKOCET Ltd. has exhibited the devices from its portfolio on the MEDTEC UK exhibition in Birmingham, April 2011 through our partner Medical & Partners.

MEDTEC UK exhibition medical device

12.4.2011 12:27
Certification of SVIT infrared camera completed

The ONKOCET company has successfully reached the certification of yet another medical device, Infrared Camera SVIT. The Certificate can be found here. The videos from the device operation can be found here.
4.3.2011 11:38
Certification of Concor Soft Contact Lenses successfully finished.  

We are pleased to inform our business partners, that our company has succesfully finished the certification process of Concor Soft Contact Lenses.

You can find the certificate here.

More information on Concor Soft Contact Lenses go to section Medical preparations/Concor soft contact lenses, or follow this link.
16.6.2010 11:51
Certification of MAS-1K Spirometer successfully finished.

Our company has finished the certification process for another medical device, computerized spirometer MAS-1K with oximeter. You can find the device certificate here.
2.6.2010 10:58
New version of AMP device available   

Since May 2010 there is a new version of AMP device available.

Follow this link if you want to see the pictures and specifications of the device.

11.5.2010 15:17
Treatment of burns with PLASON We added photographs of treatment of burns with PLASON device: 
17.3.2010 12:08
Certification of PLASON device finished, CE issued.

Dear partners,

In October 2009 we have received CE certificate for another device from our portfolio, NO therapeutical device PLASON. You can find more information about this revolutionary device, used for healing of unhealing wounds, diabetic foot, or for cosmetical purposes, at our webpage, section "Medical devices" -> PLASON-NO Therapy.

Best regards

Team of ONKOCET Ltd. company

23.1.2009 15:30

Cryosauna against Psoriasis

Cryosauna against psoriasis

Elimination not of a consequence, but of a cause.

Fight against psoriasis takes a special place among numerous application fields of treatment in cryosauna. First, because it is the only reliable method of fight against this complicated and insidious disease, the second point is - it doesn't have a negative side effect upon patient, third - the cryotherapy is directed against the causes of the disease, while the majority of traditional methods deal with the symptoms of the disease. 

Psoriasis - is a chronic recurring disease. Psoriasis isn't an infectious disease, it can develop at any age, as by men as by women. It causes red scaly patches to appear on the skin with distinguished edges and silvery white scales. The eruptions are followed with itch and appear at any part of skin. Mainly they are localized on a hairy part of the head, on bends of elbows and knees as well as on the other parts of the body.

The most common form of psoriasis is a plaque psoriasis (psoriasis vulgaris), which typically appears as raised areas of inflamed skin covered with scaly skin, plaques.

The primary psoriasis can cause serious complications, therefore the treatment of psoriasis is obligatory. The earlier began the treatment, the more effective would be the result! The choice of the treatment method depends on stage, severity, type and presence or absence of concomitant diseases. Folk remedies for treatment of psoriasis are ineffective.

Traditional psoriasis treatment methods are used to suppress the process of plaque formation. These methods are UV-therapy and magneto-laser therapy, phototherapy and natural mad and salt baths. Pharmacotherapy is used by severe state of disease, including hormonal agents.

The results of all this methods have symptomatic character, because they don't affect the cause of the disease.

The cause of psoriasis is still not fully understood. Of course, there is the scientific term - multifactorial disease, but it doesn't explain anything, besides the fact, that the disease can appear "because of anything" and "at anytime". It is possible to treat it the whole life, but don't be cured.

One of the causes of the psoriasis development is rarely high rate of epidermal cells reproduction. The reproduction of basal epidermal layer cells is thirty times faster, than normal by persons afflicted with psoriases. Immature skin cells are pushed out to outside by underlying layers of basal epidermal layer cells, because of its high rate of reproduction. Defective corneal layer of the epidermis becomes a "window", though which constantly starts the inflammation process, that involves more and more new part of coverlet as well as various organs and systems.

The second obvious cause of inflammation is an inappropriate reaction of the organism to its own skin cells. There is such opinion that psoriasis as well as other chronic diseases is in some way an autoimmune process, which develops as a "vicious circle".

Thus both causes are connected with anomalous processes of the organism. The normalization of the processes is the only correct way to save from the disease. Cryosauna as nonspecific, normalizing method offers a unique ability to break a "vicious circle" and to hold up high rate of skin cells reproduction. Thus the treatment will be directed to basic (main) cause of the disease and won't have a negative side effect upon the organism.

The cryogenic gas of the cryosauna, which temperature is -1500C, cools off the skin surface and the cold receptors to the minus temperature. Receptors will send to the brain a power alarm signal, but when it'll come and will be processed, the treatment, which lasts 2-3 minutes, will be finished and the cause of the alarm will disappear. In that situation the organism begins check up all the organs and systems. All discovered defects as well as anomalous skin cells reproduction and a "hysterical" immune system state will be positive corrected. Systematic visiting of a cryosauna normalizes the skin cells reproduction and suppresses the autoimmune processes, i.e. it eliminates the causes of the psoriasis developing.

Psoriasis is a hereditary disease, therefore, if you know about the predisposition to it, you should protect yourself from the factors, which cause the psoriasis, such as stresses, infectious and endocrine diseases as well as you should break bad habits (alcohol, smoking etc.) and avoid an aggressive medical treatment for hypertension and rheumatism. All this preventive recommendations are easy to realize, if you use stimulatory and normalizing action of cryosauna.

Prophylaxis and treatment of psoriasis in cryosauna are safe and effective.

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